Carter County
Hidden Camera Scandal



On November 9, 2022, Attorney Jason D. May informed the public via a Facebook post that a hidden camera/recording device was discovered in the attorney/client meeting room within the Carter County Jail. The device was hidden in the light fixture within the interior of the meeting room designated for Attorney/Client visitation. The unlawful wire-tap of an attorney room is a clear violation of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution as well as Article 2 Section 20 of the Oklahoma State Constitution.

The installation of the device was clearly with the purpose to violate the attorney-client privilege of detainees held in custody under the supervision of Carter County Sheriff Christopher Bryant and the only parties who would stand to benefit from such a device would be the District Attorney Craig Ladd and his Assistants who prosecute cases against these defendants, one of which happens to be Assistant District Attorney Melissa Handke, the wife of former Carter County Undersheriff Gus Handke, who recently left the CCSO for a lower paying Chief position with Healdton Police Department.

November 10, 2022 UPDATE:

Sheriff Chris Bryant issued a press release in an attempt to deny culpability for the placement of the camera. The statements, although lacking in credibility, claimed that the camera had been in place for approximately 20 YEARS.

If we are to take Bryant's statement at face value, then he expects us to believe the impossibility that during every light bulb change in that room over the last 20 years, either jail staff failed to discover the device (a highly concerning security issue) or worse, they new it was there and failed to remove or report it.

Whether it's been 20 years or six months.... The device violated due process rights & Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant demonstrated a lack of integrity when he failed to be transparent with the public about how it got into a secure light fixture!

Who is Sheriff Chris Bryant trying to protect?


Chris Bryant

Carter County Sheriff

Tommy "Gus" Handke

Carter County
Under Sheriff

Chris Douthit

Carter County Jail Administrator

Craig Ladd

Carter County District Attorney

Melissa Handke

Assistant District Attorney

James English

Assistant District Attorney

Have you or someone you know been arrested by ANY agency in Carter County and met with your attorney at the jail?

If so your constitutional rights were likely violated!

If the answer is "YES" Here's What you can do...

Don't forget to also contact your attorney and inform him/her of the incident and consult with them about legal remedies available to your case.

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