Evidence & Fair Trials

The U.S. Supreme Court mandated this disclosure in multiple cases known as the "Brady progeny". The court said that the divulgence of favorable information is not only MANDATORY, but a CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION as part of a defendant's Due Process right under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We're asking ALL Oklahoma District Attorneys to publicly disclose their "do not call" and/or "brady lists".


Public Safety & Constitutional Rights

We have begun mapping the KNOWN uses of force through out Oklahoma.

This is an ongoing project with instances dating back as far as 2006. Studies have found that Oklahoma is one of the states where violence at the hands of police goes unreported, or under reported, and departments are NOT transparent when it comes to public disclosure. Often our state's Open Records Laws are ignored in the name of hiding police violence from the public. Read more...

Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility

We calculated the amount of settlements paid out for police and prosecutorial misconduct throughout the state of Oklahoma since 2006. Learn More...