Brady Disclosure


District 2

We currently do not have any Defendant data for Beckham, Custer, Ellis Roger Mills & Washita Counties!

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  • Transparent on Office Policy & Standards

  • Partial Brady compliance - Notice of Open File Policy

Angela Marsee

District 2 is NOT in Compliance

District Attorney, Angela Marsee, is NOT in compliance with:

We emailed the request on Sept. 26th 2022

Response received 09/28/2022

The district's response for their Brady List or equivalent received was: "No document is responsive to you request". However, the District did provide excerpts from their Personnel Manual and Prosecution Standards Policies that discuss their obligations to report misconduct and disclose discovery to defense, as well as a blank Notice the District files to inform defense of their "Open File Policy".

Gmail - Open Records Request - Pursuant to 51 § 24.A.1-24.A22.pdf
D2 Policy.pdf