Brady Disclosure


District 8

We currently do not have any Defendant data for Kay & Noble Counties!

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  • Deferred prosecution agreement of Roger County ADA's for spying on Jury Deliberations.

  • Refused to offer email address

  • "Mail in Only" Policy

Brian Hermanson

District 8 is NOT in Compliance

District Attorney, Brian Hermanson, is NOT in compliance with:

We attempted to fax the request to their published fax # on Sept. 27th 2022

Cooperative Misconduct!

It has been brought to our attention that as the selected Special Prosecutor for the unlawful actions of Rogers County Assistant District Attorneys, Isaac Shields & George Gibbs, that DA Hermanson has gone outside of his normal approach and offered both a Deferred Prosecution Agreement! This would essentially act as a cover for the two unethical prosecutors, and allow them to continue prosecuting cases and not be disbarred for their unethical, if not Criminal misconduct.

2022-09-29 Ltr to Hermanson (1).pdf