Carnival of Corruption

District 20

Current DA's Husband CAUGHT Meth'n Around...

"Gus" Handke, husband of newly appointed District Attorney, Melissa Handke, is caught on body camera admitting to "giving breaks" and "working with" apparent methamphetamine dealers contrary to his duty as a peace officer to enforce Oklahoma's drug laws.

Tommy "Gus" Handke is on the Oklahoma #bradylist!

DA Melissa Handke is on the Oklahoma #bradylist!

State Reps Call for Prosecution at Press Conference!

As SCOTUS grants a stay of execution pending the review of TWO petitions (No. 22-6500No. 22-7466) for Writ of Certiorari, Oklahoma's current judicial system would rather kill an innocent man than admit the misconduct of the prosecutors leading to the wrongful conviction of Richard Glossip.
One of the implicated prosecutors [Fern Smith] continues to prosecute cases in Johnston County under District Attorney, Craig Ladd.

DA Craig Ladd's Assistant, Fern Smith, Named in U.S. Supreme Court Filing for Presenting "false testimony and jury misconduct"! 

On January 9, 2023 The Supreme Court of the United States docketed case No. 22-6500 and distributed for conference of February 17, 2023.  The Writ of Certiorari filed names Johnston County's Assistant District Attorney, Fern L. Smith, in multiple instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the case globally viewed as wrongfully convicting Richard Glossip.  Meanwhile, Smith continues to prosecute in Johnston County Oklahoma where she allegedly continues attempts to cover up local misconduct and corruption.  View the SCOTUS docket here...

District Attorney Stays Hush as Corruption Across his District is Exposed!

District Attorney Craig Ladd has FAILED in his duty to represent the public and people of District 20 Oklahoma.  He refuses to address the rampant corruption and police misconduct through out the counties in which he was elected to represent in court!  

His failure to comply with the brady doctrine is an affront to the US Constitution and his special responsibilities as a prosecutor outlined in ABA Rule 3.8!  Read More... 

Attorney Meetings Bugged at Carter County Sheriff's Office

On November 9, 2022,  Attorney Jason D. May informed the public a hidden camera/recording device was discovered in the attorney/client meeting room within the Carter County Jail.  Read more... 

Johnston County's New "Death-Squad"...

Former prosecutor under Bob Macy's "Death Squad", Fern L. Smith, has made Johnston County her latest target of systemic prosecutorial misconduct.  Since her arrival in 2016, she has been implicated in the destruction of evidence in a capital murder case, she has made efforts to cover up for police misconduct, stack charges, and ignore the unlawful behaviors of the local Sheriff's office. 

What Happened to Molly Miller and Colt Haynes? Podcast

Partners in True Crime Podcast Season 1

Status: Missing

Date: July 7, 2013 - July 8, 2013

Where: Love County, Oklahoma

For any tips or information regarding the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes please call:

(833) 4MollyColt  (833) 466-5592

Four Exits To Hell by James Allen (Author)

The events in this book rocked Ardmore Oklahoma to its knees. Two brothers were in the prime of their lives when they met the wrong women. Based on true events this book tells the story of how Mark Allen was brought into a life of scandal by the woman he loved. Mark was never able to see the future that lies in wait for him. Mike Allen, married his high school sweetheart in the hopes of a stable and bright future. He may have had that if the town's black widow hadn't set her targets on him. Four Exits To Hell tells the story of corruption, and scandal in this Oklahoma town and how the effects of dangerous women can play havoc on a man's psyche. The brothers live's intertwine in the most shocking of ways as their story is finally told for the world to hear. No one is innocent and there is blood on many hands in Ardmore.