Richard Glossip

Incarcerated since 1998 - Actual Innocence Claim


Richard Glossip Case Summary

Richard Glossip is a former hotel manager who was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in Oklahoma in 1998 for the murder of his boss, Barry Van Treese. Glossip maintained his innocence and claimed that he was framed by the actual killer, Justin Sneed, who was a maintenance worker at the hotel where Glossip worked. Sneed had confessed to the murder and implicated Glossip as the mastermind behind the crime.

Despite there being no physical evidence linking Glossip to the crime, and Sneed's inconsistent testimony, Glossip was convicted and sentenced to death... TWICE.  His case gained national attention and drew the support of prominent activists, organizations, and Oklahoma Legislators.  Multiple appeals were made, but Glossip's conviction was upheld by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Despite the new evidence, Glossip's conviction was once again upheld by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals in 2017. He remains on death row, and his case continues to be a contentious issue in the debate over the death penalty and wrongful convictions.

However, it is important to note that the case remains ongoing, and advocacy groups and supporters continue to work towards clearing Glossip's name and securing his release. 

As of April 6, 2023 - The Oklahoma Attorney General has requested the conviction be vacated and remanded to the District Court after careful review and report by Independent Counsel Rex Duncan.

As of April 24, 2023 - Glossip's Attorneys have filed an action with the Oklahoma County District Court for Declaratory Judgment against the Oklahoma Pardon & Parole Board to prevent the April 26, 2023 Clemency Hearing from being conducted with fewer than 5 members.  The hearing went on despite the action, resulting in Glossip's due process rights being violated... AGAIN.

As of May 5, 2023 - The Supreme Court of the United States has issued a stay of execution pending their decision of whether or not to hear Glossip's pending writ of 

Prosecutors Involved in the Glossip Case

Former District Attorney 

Assistant District Attorney - Lead Prosecutor on 1st Trial

Former Assistant District Attorney (and Former Assistant Attorney General) 

Elizabeth Sharrock

Former District Attorney

Assistant District Attorney Connie [Pope] Smothermon - Lead Prosecutor on 2nd Trial

Assistant District Attorney - Assisted on 2nd Trial

Gary Ackley

Former District Attorney 

Attorney General Office 

Former Attorney General 

Former Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Miller

Former Attorney General 

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Judge

Pardon & Parole Board Members

Former District Attorney & Pardon & Parole Board Member

Richard Smothermon

Former Pardon & Parole Board Pattye High