District Attorney Robert H. Macy

District 7 Attorney 1980 - 2001

Bar #5611

Served as District 7 Attorney from:

June 16, 1980 - 2001 (21 Years)

Misconduct alleged in 94.4% of his death penalty cases. 

"Cowboy" Bob Macy

Robert H. Macy served as the District Attorney for Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, from 1980 to 2001. During his tenure, he was personally responsible for fifty four (54) death sentences, leading him to become one of America's "deadliest" Prosecutors according to a 2016 Harvard study .  

Macy oversaw several high-profile cases, including the trials of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Macy's work on the McVeigh case in particular brought him national attention, as well as Macy's disqualification from OKC bombing accomplice Terry Nichol's case.

However, Macy's aggressive approach to prosecution also drew criticism from some who felt that he was too quick to seek the death penalty and that he sometimes cut corners in pursuit of convictions. His tactics in some cases were later called into question, including his use of jailhouse informants and his alleged withholding of exculpatory evidence, aka: brady violations.

Macy retired in 2001 amid the Oklahoma county crime lab scandal, after more than 20 years as the District Attorney of Oklahoma County. He passed away in 2011.

See also DEAD WRONG IN OKLAHOMA - 2006 Tulsa Law Review Volume 42, Issue 2 The Death Penalty and the Question of Actual Innocence by Randall Coyne.

Bob Macy's Legacy

The ghost of Bob Macy still haunts the courthouses of Oklahoma and is evident today through the application of law from some of his disciples. 

Below are some of his known associates.

Over the 20+ years as Oklahoma County's District Attorney, Macy was responsible for the supervision and training of numerous Oklahoma Attorneys and prosecutors.  His mentorship, direction, and training has left it's mark on Oklahoma as many of his former colleagues have moved on to powerful positions within Oklahoma's current criminal justice system, carrying with them the  potential to apply Macy's views, techniques, or biases in their current roles.  

NOTE:  The intent of this page is simply to serve as a tool for the public to better understand the professional connections between our public officials in order to encourage the public to conduct their own research, and form their OWN opinions.

REMEMBER: Having a bad boss at some point does not always mean that a person assumed their characteristics.  That said, there are also those who emulate themselves after those they believe to be honorable, even when the individual is not worthy of such praise.

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1980-1998

Formerly Sandra Howell Stensaas 

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1980 - 2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1980 - unknown

Bar #8347

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1980-2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1980 - unknown

Assistant District 20 Attorney 2016 - Present 

Wendell I. Smith 

(1938 - 1996)

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1980 - 1986

Married to Fern L. Smith

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1981-2001

2001, appointed by Governor Frank Keating to fill the unexpired term of Macy upon retirement.

Elected District 7 Attorney 2002-2006

Chairman of OKDHS 2011-2012

Patrick J. Morgan

(1938 - 2020)

1st Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1982-1999

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1982 - 1999

Pardon & Parole Board 1999 - 2008

Gary L. Ackley

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1983 - 2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1983 - 2015

John Jacobsen (1958 - 2016)

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1988 - 2001

First Assistant  District 7 Attorney 1999 - 2006

Special District Judge for Oklahoma County 2011 - 2016

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1989 - 2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1989 - 2007

Assistant District 21 Attorney 2021 - Present

Also served CLEET as a certified instructor.

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1990 - 1995

Former District 23 Attorney 1996 - 2012

General Counsel for OSBI 2012 - 2018

Pardon & Parole Board 2021 - present

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1993 - 2001

Officer for Norman Police Department until 1988.

Former District 7 Attorney 2007 - 2022

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1997 - 2001

Former Assistant District 7 Attorney 1997 - unknown

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1999 - 2001

Assistant District 9 Attorney 1996 - 1999

Under Judge Robert L. Hudson

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1999 - 2004

OU Law Professor 2004 - present

Elizabeth Sharrock

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1999 - 

Assistant Attorney General until 2005

Involved in early Joe Exotic litigation...

Beverly A. Palmer

Jack Durrett

Marc Pate

Don Deason