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We currently do not have any Defendant data for  Logan & Payne Counties!  

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Laura Austin Thomas

District 9 is NOT in Compliance

District Attorney, Laura Austin Thomas, is NOT in compliance with:

We Emailed an Open Records Request on Sept. 26th 2022

Stillwater Police "Lose" Nearly a Years Worth of Evidence...

On May 16, 2023, The Stillwater News Press reported that the city lost 10 months of police interviews.  Brad Stewart, City of Stillwater Information Technology Director, said a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) controller failed and caused the issue. The controller is designed to prevent this very issue as data is supposed to be on multiple drives.

“It would take an effort of sending it out somewhere to a third party to potentially try to retrieve it,” Stewart said. “We have no plans of doing that right now." 


Monday, November 28, 2022 - 1st Assistant to District Attorney Arrested on Child Porn Charges!

ADA Kevin Etherington charged with possession of Child Pornography

The New York Post reports:  An assistant district attorney in Stillwater, Oklahoma, has been arrested after allegedly possessing child pornography. 

Kevin Etherington, the 53-year-old first assistant district attorney of Logan and Payne counties, was arrested this week on one count of aggravated possession of child pornography and one count of violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, according to KOKH-TV.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children forwarded a tip to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in September that resulted in a search warrant being executed at Etherington’s home on Monday.  Read more...

Etherington was previously arrested in 2017 and prosecuted by his former employer, David Prater, for allegedly stealing $30 set of vehicle jacks from his ex-wife (Oklahoma County ADA Aaron Etherington).  Kevin Etherington released a statement, saying that “once the truth comes out, it will be obvious that a civil issue was transformed into a felony case.”  The case was later dismissed without costs pursuant to agreement by the parties.  

Letter to the Editor: Oklahoma Post about Laura Thomas & Associates

"Documents In Dougherty Negligence Case Shine A Light On Poor Behavior Of Stillwater And Payne County Officials" - Oklahoma Post

Monday, November 21, 2022 - NonDoc Media Special Treatment by DA Thomas?

Laura Thomas offers Deferred Prosecution to 

Governor Stitt's Son and Friends

Thomas, who serves as district attorney for Payne and Logan counties, said about 170 people are currently completing the deferred prosecution program.

“What they said was true. No charges have been filed, because we sent the letter. But it’s not an accurate representation of what our office does and intends to do in this case,” Thomas said. 

“It’s just a more common sense way of us doing stuff. We don’t really advertise this program,” she said. “I’m aware of all the negativity that thinks DAs don’t do anything [to divert people from the criminal justice system], but we do. We just don’t go toot our horn, but I am quite happy with this program.”

Stillwater Police subject to wrongful death suit in 2004