District Attorney Wes Lane

District 7 Attorney 2001 - 2007

District 7 Attorney 2001 - 2007

Wes Lane

Wes Lane was born in 1954 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and grew up in the state. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma and his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. After law school, Lane worked as a prosecutor in the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office, under Bob Macy.  In  2001, Governor Frank Keating appointed him to fill the unexpired term of District Attorney due to Macy's retirement.

During his time as District Attorney, Lane gained a reputation for being tough on crime.  Lane was involved in several civic and professional organizations, including the Oklahoma Bar Association and the National District Attorneys Association.

After leaving office, Lane worked as a private attorney and served as a consultant for various organizations and government agencies. In 2008 he became involved with religious leadership training via SALLT and the Pinnacle Forum.

Wes Lane's wife and former Miss Oklahoma USA, a plastic surgeon, Lori Hansen, battled with prescription drug and alcohol abuse before and during Lane's time in office resulting in felony charges.  It was not until 2012, The Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision voted to end Hansen’s medical licensure probation.

Notable Cases

Terry Lynn Nichols

Assistant District Attorneys on the Nichols Case:  Sandra Howell-Elliott; Fern L. Smith

161 1st degree murder charges were filed against, Oklahoma City Bombing accomplice, Terry Lynn Nichols in 1999.  District Attorney, Bob Macy, was removed from the case in 2000 after comments to the media found to be "a blatant violation of the rules of professional conduct." by the District Court Judge. 

Wes Lane took over as District Attorney when Macy retired (2001) and considered dropping the charges, citing the expense and the effects of another trial on survivors and victims’ families.  A family member of two victims was quoted by the Los Angeles Times that he did not believe Nichols could receive a fair trial in Oklahoma.  Nichols defense attorney, Brian Hermanson, also told the media Nichols was willing to to cease his Federal appeals in exchange to avoid a state trial.  Even back then, questions were raised about the convictions of Nichols & McVeigh when the FBI admitted in May of 2001 that thousands of pages of bombing documents had failed to be turned over to the defense prior to trial.  The government claimed the materials did not affect the convictions.  Nichols’ failed Federal appeals suggested the FBI deliberately withheld information.

The Lane Administration

John Jacobsen (1958 - 2016)

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1988 - 2001

First Assistant  District 7 Attorney 1999 - 2006

Special District Judge for Oklahoma County 2011 - 2016

Bar #8347

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1980-2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1980 - unknown

Assistant District 20 Attorney 2016 - Present 

Assistant DA under Wes Lane 2003

Arrested in 2017

Arrested in 2022 

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1989 - 2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1989 - 2007

Assistant District 21 Attorney 2021 - Present

Also served CLEET as a certified instructor.

Assistant DA Under Bob Macy 1993 - 2001

Officer for Norman Police Department until 1988.

Former District 7 Attorney 2007 - 2022

Gary L. Ackley

Assistant DA under Bob Macy 1983 - 2001

Assistant District 7 Attorney 1983 - 2015