Statewide Extortion Scheme EXPOSED!

Sheriffs of Oklahoma Defend Against Extortion Claims in Federal Court.  Otherwise known as the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”).

"Building trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they are sworn to protect and serve also requires accountability for misconduct and transparency through data collection and public reporting." 

Our Latest Projects

We've begun work on some new interesting projects in addition to our brady disclosure project we have begun mapping Oklahoma's uses of force by police and calculating the costs of police misconduct within the state.  

No worries though, we will still be diligent in making sure that law enforcement misconduct is documented on the brady list!  Check it out... 

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Check out the informative podcasts that dive into what the brady list is and how it can 

and should be used to hold law enforcement accountable!

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A 2022 POLL FINDS:A Majority of Oklahoma voters believe corruption exists in state government

In a recent poll conducted by KOCO 5 and Amber Integrated ahead of Oklahoma's General Election in November 2022, one in four likely voters believes corruption is running rampant within state government. Another 60% believe there is some corruption, and only 4% responded that they believe there is no corruption.