Our mission at Citizens Overseeing is curating public records with integrity.

We strive to ensure that the data and records we showcase to the public are obtained through quality sources. Often the tools utilized for our reports are accessed via Freedom of Information Act (or State equivalent). Many times news articles are "preserved" and shared for public interest. US Court Records are also a source often utilized in the course of our investigations. Although our sources are not limited to these avenues, we strive to use quality information and responsible investigative techniques to bring about judicial reform and solutions to the problems that currently plague our nation's judicial systems.

Our goal is to ensure the tools for Judicial accountability and transparency are within reach of ALL members of the public.

The time has come for government to fully embrace their position of answering to WE THE PEOPLE. Laws have been in place for years with the intention, but rarely have been enforced. For a democracy to properly operate, the people must have access to the information necessary to effectively lobby their representatives. When the choice of disclosure is left up to the agency or government officials who stand to lose from its exposure, all is lost. Public officials do not have, nor should they be afforded, the same privacy rights as a private citizen. They are meant to work for the public and their actions affect us all. It is time for FULL accountability within our justice system, the systemic problems do not end at police misconduct, and to fight these injustices means we need an informed public.