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Collaboration is Key!

The wheels of justice are slow and nothing changes over night or without a community effort. We are proud to showcase Partners and Advocates that have contributed to the causes we share in common. We recognize that no one person can take on the task alone and it takes folks from all walks of life to achieve the goals of criminal justice reform in America. Please check out our support page for ways you can help bring about reform for your community.

Brady List

The Brady List is the definitive public-facing database of information about police misconduct, public complaints, use-of-force reports, and more... A project to ensure fair trials and proper administration of justice. The platform is an evidence management tool to empower prosecutorial disclosures and enable judicial oversight.

Level Playing Field Solutions

Turning ideas into solutions by supporting Government, Justice, and Law Enforcement professionals in today's challenges with modern Solutions. Level Playing Field is a leader in the industry who serves the people by creating advanced technical solutions for government agencies by delivering software, products, and platforms that enable the organization and empower their constituents.