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Judicial Corruption in Oklahoma

Judicial corruption refers to the corruption of the judicial system, including the abuse of power by judges, lawyers, or other members of the legal profession. This can take many forms, including the acceptance of bribes, the use of influence or connections to sway the outcome of a case, or the misuse of judicial authority for personal gain, as well as other forms of misconduct.  It can also involve the abuse of the legal system to oppress or discriminate against certain groups of people.
Judicial corruption undermines the rule of law and can have serious negative consequences for society, as it erodes public trust in the legal system and can lead to the injustice and mistreatment of individuals.

Below are former and current Oklahoma Judges with public complaints, known instances of misconduct, or participation in judicial corruption.

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District 7 Judge, "Honorable"

Timothy Henderson

District 4 Judge, 

"Honorable" Brian N. Lovell

District 23 Judge, 

"Honorable" Traci Soderstrom