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Judicial officers have a significant level of power over the outcome of many matters and lives. This power is too often not overseen; and, we must provide civilian oversight and accountability.

Complaints about judicial misconduct can come from a large number of sources. Complaints that include allegations where the conduct is on the record and includes time, date, and location are considered sufficiently accurate to indicate a need for investigation regardless of the identification of the individual or entity filing the complaint. Further, complaints of judicial misconduct need not allege damage to any individual or entity.

In 2007, President Bush signed into law the Open Government Act creating a strong presumption in favor of disclosure. President Obama furthered the presumption in 2009 with the Open Government Initiative making the obligation for disclosure to be proactive. In support of the Initiative, the United States Department of Justice issued multiple Directives clarifying the expectation of government organizations to disclose not only any final work product, but also the raw data originating the work product.

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Complaints available for public inspection may be found HERE.