Citizens Overseeing Courts Oklahoma 

Oklahoma Judge Watch is here!

Public complaints on Oklahoma Judges are now available!

Oklahoma's Code for Judicial Conduct is available HERE.

Are you aware of a prosecutor behaving unethically or engaging in prosecutorial misconduct?  If so you can file an anonymous public complaint that is also copied directly to the Oklahoma Bar Association!

Recent Case Decisions of Importance

7/11/2022 - Irizarry v. Yehia case # 21-1247 (10th Circuit) - The right to film police is protected by the 1st Amendment and has been a clearly established right since 2019!

Oklahoma Court Watch 

Court Watch are groups that monitor the court proceedings that go on daily within their communities.  These groups are used to gather data on how their courts operate in order to create reform policy tailored to their communities.  Oversight by citizens in the court room is yet another way that individuals and groups may lobby for change and reform.  Please be patient as our groups are gathering data and once processed we will publish our findings on the Court Watch pages.