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DA Craig Ladd's Assistant, Fern Smith, Named in U.S. Supreme Court Filing for Presenting "false testimony and jury misconduct"! 

On January 9, 2023 The Supreme Court of the United States docketed case No. 22-6500 and distributed for conference of February 17, 2023.  The Writ of Certiorari filed names Johnston County's Assistant District Attorney, Fern L. Smith, in multiple instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the case globally viewed as wrongfully convicting Richard Glossip.  Meanwhile, Smith continues to prosecute in Johnston County Oklahoma where she allegedly continues attempts to cover up local misconduct and corruption.  View the SCOTUS docket here...

A Smell IS NOT Probable Cause!  You Can Help REDUCE Police Misconduct on March 7, 2023!

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We're excited to announce Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma had the honor of being a guest on an upcoming episode of Public Defenseless.  This incredible podcast uncovers the rot within our nation's criminal judicial system and explores what can be done about it.  We will be discussing Oklahoma's Good O'l Boy system that is ripe with corruption, conflicting interests, and hypocrisy!

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NEW District Attorneys

We have begun updating our Brady Disclosure Project as the new District Attorneys swear into office this month!  If we happened to miss one please contact us and let us know!  We will be sending them this Open Records Requests over the coming weeks - We look forward to finding out if these newly elected officials will bring Oklahoma into compliance!