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The Everyday Citizens Uncovering Oklahoma Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

A major theme of this show is empower regualr people with the knowledge necessary to push back against the overreachs of the state via police and prosecutors. That's why Hunter was so exicted to bring you today's episode with a representative from the organization called Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma. The guest today is your everyday Oklahmoan who is tired of the rampant corruption and abuse that police and prosecutors of the state get away with on a daily basis. While we could only scratch the surface of the issues facing the state, even the limited dialog should be eye opening for anyone interested in creating a fairer and safer Oklahoma.

****A NOTE ABOUT TODAY'S SHOW**** Our guest today is remaining ananymous due to legitimate concerns to their safety. Already, law enforcement has engaged in activity that is nothing short of reprsial and harrasment for the guest's continued efforts to push back against their abuse of power. As such, the voice you will hear on today's show is AI generated to protect the identity of the guest.

Guest: Representative of the Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma

Resources: Recidiviz Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma The Brady List *These are all single sources for the names and alleged activity in the episode. If more sourcing is requested, please contact Hunter or Citizens Overseeing Police OK*

Matt Ballard Isaac Shields & George Gibbs Brian Hermanson

David Prater Rebecca Boyer Gayland Geiger Prater witness intimidation Bob Macy Richard Glossip - Save Richard Richard Glossip Appeals; Fern Smith; AG John O’Connor,

No. PCD-2022-589 (Post Conviction-Death) and

No. PCD-2022-819 (Post Conviction-Death)

Fern Smith - (destruction of evidence)

Glossip Independent investigation Molly Miller & Colt Haynes

- Love County Partners in True Crime Abc 19 in Phoenix ,Dave Biscobing @DaveBiscobing15

Full disclosure: Investigating Arizona’s broken "Brady list" system (part 1); Full disclosure: Investigating Arizona’s broken "Brady list" system (part 2) Mark Lamb Angela Marsee The president of our sheriff’s association - Chris West - Canadian County Sheriff Major Adam Flowers Fern Smith - Now ADA in Johnston County -

Johnston County Sheriff Office “In 2021, Johnston County saw a total of

15 pursuits. From January this year to now they’ve already had 11.” Johnston County Sheriff Dodd on April 4, 2022 Love County Sheriff Joe Russell

Witnesses in Love County Sheriff Joe Russell Removal Gabriel Alexander Johnston County

uses of force Johnston County Sheriff -

Gary Dodd Fern Smith, has made it Very clear in

Court documents That the state of Oklahoma has zero jurisdiction over their own Sheriff Because he is a tribal member. Craig Ladd -

District 20 District Attorney 18-9526

McGirt v. Oklahoma (07/09/2020) - Supreme Court CLEET

Preston Draper, the General counsel, Level playing Field Solutions File a brady list


Sanctuary county Map A.D.A Melissa Henke

Hidden Camera in attorney/client room of Carter County Jail. State Rep Justin Humphrey - Richard Glossip Press Conference September 2022

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Uncovering the Misconduct of Police, Prosecutors, and Judges w/ Johann Drolshagen

Thanks to the 1963 case of Brady v. Maryland, prosecutors are supposed to give the defense attorneys any evidence that may be beneficial to the defense’s case. Despite this requirement, police misconduct has been allowed to fester for decades as prosecutors and judges openly flaunt their mandates share this evidence. Furthermore, the legal profession itself fails to police prosecutors and judges who allow the misdeeds of police to go unchecked. This entire cycle calls into question decades worth of prosecutions because of potential failures to disclose evidence, but what can be done if everyone in the system is playing a role in allowing the corruption to continue?

This week, Hunter spoke with Johann Drolshagen, to answer that very question. Johann is the CEO of Level Playing Field solutions, and has helped to create a nationwide, publicly accessible database, called the brady list, to make it easier for communities to report and track misconduct by police, prosecutors, and judges. By bringing this information into the light of day, Johann hopes to combat the corruption gripping millions of Americans trapped in our criminal legal system.

Guests: Johann Drolshagen, CEO Level Playing Field Solutions

Key Topics and Takeaways: How Johann got Involved in the criminal legal system reform movement [6:40] What is Brady [14:00] How widespread is the issue? [14:40] How police, prosecutors, and judges skirt Brady requirements [19:00] The issues with attorneys policing attorneys [26:00] What is the driving force behind these issues [30:00] How the Brady List holds the powerful to account [32:00] The issues facing Missouri and Oklahoma [42:53] How to cut through the institutional hurdles [1:01:00]

Do people care about Due Process? [1:05:55] What have the positive impacts of the list been? [1:10:35] Resources: Brady List

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The Brady List - Tracking Bad Cops to Force Accountability Through Transparency

In 1963, the U.S. Supreme court ruled, in Brady vs. Maryland, prosecutors must turn over exculpatory, or favorable evidence to the defense to lessen the instance of faulty convictions. This applies to the history of the arresting officers, especially if that officer has a track record of corruption. Unfortunately, this is not happening and the courts are refusing to abide by the ruling. On this episode of the Free Thought Project podcast, Jason and Matt sit down with Officer Jody and Johann Drolshagen — the creator of the Brady List. The Brady List is a platform which Drolshagen has built that allows allows Organizations [LEOrg], Prosecutors, and Peace Officer Standards & Training [POST] Departments to enter their independent findings, in any number of cases, in direct compliance with Brady and the Freedom of Information Act in order to help the courts follow the original ruling.

Keeping a database on problem cops will help ensure trust in the community through transparency and force accountability through oversight. The Brady List is a solution to many of the problems within the US justice system. (Length: 1:05:03)

Support the Brady List here: Follow Officer Jody on YouTube here: