Brady Disclosure


District 16

We currently do not have any defendant data for Latimer & LeFlore Counties!

If you have a public complaint you would like to share, or information that you would like to share with Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma, please follow the links below.

  • “We don’t give anything to the public.”

  • Offered explanation only “investigative files” are exempt.

  • Stated policy is NO RECORDS are public.

Jeff Smith

"No Records are given to the Public" - Jeff Smith's Staff

You can listen to the audio from phone call with District Attorney, Jeff Smith's staff confirming their office policy IS NOT in compliance with state law!

District 16 DA's Office is NOT in compliance with Oklahoma Open Records Act, Title 51, Sections 24A.1-24A.22.

District 8 is NOT in Compliance

District Attorney, Brian Hermanson, is NOT in compliance with: